Sarah Harrison

Sarah completed the Home Inspection Certification course in March 1994 with the American Institute of Inspectors.  She then went on to complete an Associates degree in Design Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management all the while performing residential and mobile home inspections.

Just before completing her Bachelor's, Sarah went to work for a local builder in Sacramento while keeping her home inspection enterprise part time.

While working for the builder, Sarah sharpened her skills working in all aspects of the construction process from drafting and checking plans, resolving constructability issues in the field, creating new check lists and training materials to streamline the construction processes, directing the plan approval process and working with local building officials, and managing the Architecture Deparment.

Sarah has over 25 years inspection and construction experience and has completed over 2500 inspections in the Sacramento and Foothill areas.  She has recently adding teaching Construction Management at a private Technical school to her list of acheivements.







Bill Ball

Bill Ball is a skilled and inspirational instructor, author, and call-in talk-radio host. Bill has over 40 years experience in all phases of construction and real estate with experience in the construction of more than 1,800 custom homes including architectural design, construction, financing, marketing, and inspection. Called upon dozens of times to act as an expert in these fields since 1974, Bill's extemporaneous answers quickly clarify the most complex questions.

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